Deer Hunter’s Čobanac (Stew)

Here in Utah it’s deer hunting season and getting cold so here’s my take on čobanac which is a traditional Croatian stew typically prepared with 3 types of meat.  I enjoyed this dish on a trip to Croatia last summer and wanted to create my own version. It’s delicious and will stick with you on a cold day.

Croatian cooks would use anything from horse to lamb to beef. Each cook would come up with their own combination of spices which were a family secret but common to them all was lots of paprika! My take on čobanac uses venison, beef chuck and pork shoulder and was cooked in a dutch oven inside a smoker using charcoal and hickory chunks.


Hearty čobanac with crusty bread makes a great dinner on a cold night.

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Pork Burnt Ends with Cajun Butter

I served these smoky, slightly spicy burnt ends at my first tailgate party this football season and they were a big hit. They’re double smoked to produce a lot of the crispy, crusty surface bark that everyone loves. They’re also injected with a spicy Cajun butter mixture for over the top flavor! I used inexpensive boneless “country style ribs” that are available at most grocery stores. Of course they aren’t ribs at all but are cut from the near the pork shoulder. This is a quick recipe that’s doesn’t require a lot of prep  and is easy to make in any kind of smoker.


Pork burnt ends with spicy butter injection.

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