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Three Little Pigs® Smoked Pork Belly

Here is a simple pork belly recipe that I received from 8 time American Royal Champ Chris Marks. According to Chris this is the best method for a no foil, uncured smoked pork belly recipe. He did give me a couple of variations to try which I’ll share at the end.

Scrumptious Smoked Tri-Tip Steak/Roast

Are you tri-curious? This often overlooked cut of meat is not only relatively inexpensive, but also very flavorful. Easily recognized by its triangular shape – it’s lean, tender and boneless. You’ll see it referred to as tri-tip steak, triangle roast or tri-tip roast but it’s all the same cut. I used the reverse sear method […]

Pit Barrel Cooker Ribs Cook-off

This week I used my Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) to smoke 3 racks of ribs and test out different rub and sauce combinations. The PBC is a porcelain coated 30 gallon barrel with a single vent opening.  Food is hung on stainless steel hooks (8 included) from rebar rods. The PBC runs between 275* and 325* with the lid […]

Mom Comfort Foods BBQ Style

This week I smoked all 3 dishes in my Marshall from The Good One Smokers. The Good One also makes lump charcoal which is my go to fuel but the store ran out this week so I decided to try the hickory/oak lump charcoal from Big Green Egg. I was pleasantly surprised at how steadily […]

Irie Jamaican Jerked Pork and Chicken

I love Jamaican music and food (and the diving) so decided to show how to make authentic Jamaican jerked pork and chicken. The process of jerking meats is credited to the Maroons – former slaves who escaped to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. They would cook wild boar meat over slow fires that wouldn’t give […]

Grandpa Joe’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Smoked Beans

Recently at a neighborhood BBQ I tasted some beans that were exceptional and found out they’d been brought by my friend Rochelle Hewett. She told me it was her dad’s recipe that had been in their family forever. She called them Grandpa Joe’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Beans and gave me permission to prepare them and share […]

Butt Naked…or Wrapped?

  If you spend much time in the online BBQ forums you’ll see plenty of opinions in favor of wrapping a pork butt when it hits about 165* during the smoking process. You’ll also find just as many opinions against wrapping. I’ve smoked pork butt using both methods and turned out delicious BBQ. For this […]

Bacon Tot Bombs

Hey Napoleon! Give me some of your Bacon Tot Bombs! This week I decided to smoke up my own version of Bacon Tot Bombs. This is an addictive snack that’s making the rounds on social media – and with good reason! These are easy to make which is good because you’ll need a lot of […]