Three Little Pigs® Smoked Pork Belly

Here is a simple pork belly recipe that I received from 8 time American Royal Champ Chris Marks. According to Chris this is the best method for a no foil, uncured smoked pork belly recipe. He did give me a couple of variations to try which I’ll share at the end.Finished_Pork_Belly
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Smoked Prime Rib with Ninnie’s Peppercorn Cream Sauce

With this recipe you’ll be able to serve steakhouse quality prime rib at your next holiday or celebration dinner. The outside is crispy and crackles with flavor from the smoke, rosemary and seasonings. The inside is pink and juicy. Your family and guests will love it! The pepper cream sauce comes from my friend Jordan’s grandmother and is a family recipe they were willing to share.


Smoked prime rib with peppercorn cream sauce.

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Smoked Pork Chops Stuffed With Bacon and Cotija Cheese

This week I am breaking in my new Kamado Joe Classic. Kamado style cookers are equally good at grilling, baking and smoking. BBQ Pit Stop carries the full line of kamado cookers from Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg. You’ll be seeing more of the Kamado Joe in upcoming blogs.

I decided to stuff pork chops with bacon and cotija cheese and then smoke them over charcoal and apple wood chunks. They were super easy to make and tasted amazing. Chops_3
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Scrumptious Smoked Tri-Tip Steak/Roast

Are you tri-curious? This often overlooked cut of meat is not only relatively inexpensive, but also very flavorful. Easily recognized by its triangular shape – it’s lean, tender and boneless. You’ll see it referred to as tri-tip steak, triangle roast or tri-tip roast but it’s all the same cut.

I used the reverse sear method for these tri-tips and my Yoder YS480 is the perfect smoker for that technique – I’ll show you why later in the blog. I loaded it up with oak pellets – my favorite wood for smoking beef – and set the temperature for 250*. BBQr’s Delight pellets are my favorite.

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Pit Barrel Cooker Ribs Cook-off

This week I used my Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) to smoke 3 racks of ribs and test out different rub and sauce combinations. The PBC is a porcelain coated 30 gallon barrel with a single vent opening.  Food is hung on stainless steel hooks (8 included) from rebar rods. The PBC runs between 275* and 325* with the lid on. There is a single vent that is set for elevation – I’ve smoked brisket, turkey, chicken and ribs in this PBC and in my experience no adjustment is needed other than cracking the lid in case of cold rain or weather.

Because of the ease of use I recommend the Pit Barrel Cooker as a first smoker but I love using mine even though I also cook on other larger pits from Yoder and The Good One.

The PBC is a very affordable high quality barrel smoker that’s made right here in the USA. BBQ Pit Stop carries the Pit Barrel Cooker at the Lehi and Layton locations.


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Mom Comfort Foods BBQ Style

This week I smoked all 3 dishes in my Marshall from The Good One Smokers. The Good One also makes lump charcoal which is my go to fuel but the store ran out this week so I decided to try the hickory/oak lump charcoal from Big Green Egg. I was pleasantly surprised at how steadily and consistently it burned. The Marshall is a well-designed smoker that makes it easy to reach cooking temps and hold them with little adjustment so the Big Green Egg charcoal worked well with it.

I recently tried Three Little Pigs” Kansas City Sweet sauce and it’s one of my new favorites so I used it in both the meatloaf and stuffed cabbage recipes. I find many KC style sauces too sweet for my tastes which tend towards vinegar or mustard based sauces. This one had a nice tanginess to it that kept it from being overly sweet. It’ also has a nice chunky consistency which reminded of Sensuous Slathering Sauce from Dinosaur BBQ-another favorite I’ve used for years.

All of these products are available at both BBQ Pit Stop locations in Lehi and Layton. Good_One
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Irie Jamaican Jerked Pork and Chicken

I love Jamaican music and food (and the diving) so decided to show how to make authentic Jamaican jerked pork and chicken. The process of jerking meats is credited to the Maroons – former slaves who escaped to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. They would cook wild boar meat over slow fires that wouldn’t give off smoke and signal their position to the British army. Today it is common to see jerked meat and fish cooked fast over a hot fire so I combined both methods.

The common misconception about jerk style cooking is it is solely defined by the spices used – primarily allspice and Scotch bonnet peppers. The spices are an essential element however the cooking method and fuel are just as critical to achieving the full flavor profile. Pimento tree sticks are used as a platform for the meat as it cooks over pimento wood lump charcoal. Fortunately these items are easy to order from

I used my Marshall from The Good One Smokers because it gives me plenty of room for the pimento sticks during the smoking phase and I can use the grate over the large firebox to finish.

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Grandpa Joe’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Smoked Beans

Recently at a neighborhood BBQ I tasted some beans that were exceptional and found out they’d been brought by my friend Rochelle Hewett. She told me it was her dad’s recipe that had been in their family forever. She called them Grandpa Joe’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Beans and gave me permission to prepare them and share here in the blog.. 

Rochelle usually makes the beans in a crock pot so we adapted the recipe slightly to maximize the flavor from the smoke. I cooked these in my Yoder YS480 and used hickory pellets from BBQr’s Delight which are available at both BBQ Pit Stop locations. DSC_0066
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Butt Naked…or Wrapped?


If you spend much time in the online BBQ forums you’ll see plenty of opinions in favor of wrapping a pork butt when it hits about 165* during the smoking process. You’ll also find just as many opinions against wrapping. I’ve smoked pork butt using both methods and turned out delicious BBQ. For this blog I decided to do my own direct comparison by cooking 2 pork butts under as identical conditions as possible but only wrapping one in foil. I decided to use my Yoder YS480 for this test because it gives me the most control over temperature and I wanted to eliminate that as a variable. Since all smokers have hot and cool spots I also cooked each butt separately so that I could place them in the same location. For fuel I used hickory pellets from BBQR’s Delight and pre-heated the Yoder to 225* before putting the pork in.


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Bacon Tot Bombs

Hey Napoleon! Give me some of your Bacon Tot Bombs!

This week I decided to smoke up my own version of Bacon Tot Bombs. This is an addictive snack that’s making the rounds on social media – and with good reason! These are easy to make which is good because you’ll need a lot of them to keep up with the demand from family and friends!


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