Lotta Bull BBQ – Product review

4 time American Royal champions Mike and Debbie Davis – aka Lotta Bull BBQ – taught their “Tell ALL” competition class at BBQ Pit Stop recently. It was a no nonsense BBQ class  that helped us all to up our game.


Mike and Debbie scored a perfect 180 in brisket at the Jack.

BBQ Pit Stop carries the full line of Lotta Bull rubs so for this blog I cooked up a batch of BBQ using all them so I could share my results.





Red Dirt is a savory blend of salt, garlic, sugar, and spices. They tell me it works well on any cut of beef, is great for grilling chicken and even makes an out of this world Bloody Mary!


Smoked prime brisket prepped with pickle juice and Lotta Bull Red Dirt

Mike and Debbie used Red Dirt Championship Rub to win the Jack Daniels’ World Invitational BBQ Brisket with a perfect score of 180.

I prepped this prime brisket using only pickle juice and Red Dirt rub and smoked it in a Stump’s XL Baby with cherry and oak chunks.

The Red Dirt added great flavor that complemented the flavor of the prime beef without overpowering it. This is now one of my favorite brisket rubs.


Got brisket?


Bull Buster Steak Seasoning with its savory blend of herbs and spices is awesome on steaks, hamburgers, or any cut of beef.  Mike and Debbie say it’s also awesome on Wild Game.  I prepped these Prime rib-eye steaks with a little olive oil and Bull Buster before smoking them at 275 until they reached an internal temp of 118 degrees. Then I finished them at high temperature using GrillGrates on a Kamado Joe cooker. When I eat prime beef I want to taste the beef. The Bull Buster was a great complimentary seasoning that didn’t mask the steak’s flavor.


USDA Prime rib-eye steaks fresh off the Kamado Joe.


According to Mike and Debbie their Diamond Dust Rib Rub is made to be sprinkled generously over ribs, vegetables, chicken, fish, pork, toasted pecans and even popcorn.  They say it’s a great all around seasoning for most food, whether it’s prepared in the oven, over the pit or on a grill.

Since it’s the rub they use for their competition ribs I decided to try it out that way. These ribs were prepped with pickle juice and Diamond Dust rub and put in a Yoder YS480. They were smoked with a blend of cherry, pecan, oak, alder and Jack Daniels charcoal pellets. My signature finish for my ribs is Amazing Glaze from The Slabs BBQ which I put on for the last 20 minutes of cooking.

The Diamond Dust rub gave the ribs a nice balanced flavor and worked just as well with the Amazing Glaze as the rub I’ve used in the past.


Ribs smoked with Lotta Bull Diamond Dust rub and finished with Amazing Glaze from The Slabs BBQ.


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