Smoked Prime Rib with Ninnie’s Peppercorn Cream Sauce

With this recipe you’ll be able to serve steakhouse quality prime rib at your next holiday or celebration dinner. The outside is crispy and crackles with flavor from the smoke, rosemary and seasonings. The inside is pink and juicy. Your family and guests will love it! The pepper cream sauce comes from my friend Jordan’s grandmother and is a family recipe they were willing to share.


Smoked prime rib with peppercorn cream sauce.

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Butt Naked…or Wrapped?


If you spend much time in the online BBQ forums you’ll see plenty of opinions in favor of wrapping a pork butt when it hits about 165* during the smoking process. You’ll also find just as many opinions against wrapping. I’ve smoked pork butt using both methods and turned out delicious BBQ. For this blog I decided to do my own direct comparison by cooking 2 pork butts under as identical conditions as possible but only wrapping one in foil. I decided to use my Yoder YS480 for this test because it gives me the most control over temperature and I wanted to eliminate that as a variable. Since all smokers have hot and cool spots I also cooked each butt separately so that I could place them in the same location. For fuel I used hickory pellets from BBQR’s Delight and pre-heated the Yoder to 225* before putting the pork in.


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Bacon Tot Bombs

Hey Napoleon! Give me some of your Bacon Tot Bombs!

This week I decided to smoke up my own version of Bacon Tot Bombs. This is an addictive snack that’s making the rounds on social media – and with good reason! These are easy to make which is good because you’ll need a lot of them to keep up with the demand from family and friends!


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