Scrumptious Smoked Tri-Tip Steak/Roast

Are you tri-curious? This often overlooked cut of meat is not only relatively inexpensive, but also very flavorful. Easily recognized by its triangular shape – it’s lean, tender and boneless. You’ll see it referred to as tri-tip steak, triangle roast or tri-tip roast but it’s all the same cut.

I used the reverse sear method for these tri-tips and my Yoder YS480 is the perfect smoker for that technique – I’ll show you why later in the blog. I loaded it up with oak pellets – my favorite wood for smoking beef – and set the temperature for 250*. BBQr’s Delight pellets are my favorite.

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Irie Jamaican Jerked Pork and Chicken

I love Jamaican music and food (and the diving) so decided to show how to make authentic Jamaican jerked pork and chicken. The process of jerking meats is credited to the Maroons – former slaves who escaped to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. They would cook wild boar meat over slow fires that wouldn’t give off smoke and signal their position to the British army. Today it is common to see jerked meat and fish cooked fast over a hot fire so I combined both methods.

The common misconception about jerk style cooking is it is solely defined by the spices used – primarily allspice and Scotch bonnet peppers. The spices are an essential element however the cooking method and fuel are just as critical to achieving the full flavor profile. Pimento tree sticks are used as a platform for the meat as it cooks over pimento wood lump charcoal. Fortunately these items are easy to order from

I used my Marshall from The Good One Smokers because it gives me plenty of room for the pimento sticks during the smoking phase and I can use the grate over the large firebox to finish.

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