Pit Barrel Cooker Ribs Cook-off

This week I used my Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) to smoke 3 racks of ribs and test out different rub and sauce combinations. The PBC is a porcelain coated 30 gallon barrel with a single vent opening.  Food is hung on stainless steel hooks (8 included) from rebar rods. The PBC runs between 275* and 325* with the lid on. There is a single vent that is set for elevation – I’ve smoked brisket, turkey, chicken and ribs in this PBC and in my experience no adjustment is needed other than cracking the lid in case of cold rain or weather.

Because of the ease of use I recommend the Pit Barrel Cooker as a first smoker but I love using mine even though I also cook on other larger pits from Yoder and The Good One.

The PBC is a very affordable high quality barrel smoker that’s made right here in the USA. BBQ Pit Stop carries the Pit Barrel Cooker at the Lehi and Layton locations.


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