Mom Comfort Foods BBQ Style

This week I smoked all 3 dishes in my Marshall from The Good One Smokers. The Good One also makes lump charcoal which is my go to fuel but the store ran out this week so I decided to try the hickory/oak lump charcoal from Big Green Egg. I was pleasantly surprised at how steadily and consistently it burned. The Marshall is a well-designed smoker that makes it easy to reach cooking temps and hold them with little adjustment so the Big Green Egg charcoal worked well with it.

I recently tried Three Little Pigs” Kansas City Sweet sauce and it’s one of my new favorites so I used it in both the meatloaf and stuffed cabbage recipes. I find many KC style sauces too sweet for my tastes which tend towards vinegar or mustard based sauces. This one had a nice tanginess to it that kept it from being overly sweet. It’ also has a nice chunky consistency which reminded of Sensuous Slathering Sauce from Dinosaur BBQ-another favorite I’ve used for years.

All of these products are available at both BBQ Pit Stop locations in Lehi and Layton. Good_One
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Butt Naked…or Wrapped?


If you spend much time in the online BBQ forums you’ll see plenty of opinions in favor of wrapping a pork butt when it hits about 165* during the smoking process. You’ll also find just as many opinions against wrapping. I’ve smoked pork butt using both methods and turned out delicious BBQ. For this blog I decided to do my own direct comparison by cooking 2 pork butts under as identical conditions as possible but only wrapping one in foil. I decided to use my Yoder YS480 for this test because it gives me the most control over temperature and I wanted to eliminate that as a variable. Since all smokers have hot and cool spots I also cooked each butt separately so that I could place them in the same location. For fuel I used hickory pellets from BBQR’s Delight and pre-heated the Yoder to 225* before putting the pork in.


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