Three Little Pigs® Smoked Pork Belly

Here is a simple pork belly recipe that I received from 8 time American Royal Champ Chris Marks. According to Chris this is the best method for a no foil, uncured smoked pork belly recipe. He did give me a couple of variations to try which I’ll share at the end.Finished_Pork_Belly

For this cook I used the Kamado Joe filled with The Good One® lump charcoal and Chigger Creek® hickory chunks. I had the ceramic heat shield in place and the temperature stablized at 250*.

For the seasoning I used a combination of Three Little Pigs® Kansas City Championship and Three Little Pigs® Kansas City Touch of Cherry rubs.

All these products are available at both BBQ Pit Stop locations.Pork_Belly

To prep the pork belly I started with a good coating of olive oil on the skin for color followed by a coat of plain yellow mustard over the entire belly. After that I covered the entire belly with the Three Little Pigs® Competition rub. Finally for a little flavor “pop” I finished off with a dusting of Three Little Pigs® Touch of Cherry rub.Pork_Belly_prep

Here is the belly about 4 hours later. It has reached the internal temperature of 195* and is ready to remove from the kamado. Chris cooks the belly whole but I chose to cook it in chunks because I planned to share some with friends and wanted to develop a nice bark on all sides of the pieces I gave them. This also reduced the cooking time by about an hour. Plan on around 5 hours for a 6-8 pound slab.



I was really pleased with the nice crispy crust the Three Little Pigs rubs and olive oil produced. At the internal temp of 195 degrees it had a nice soft texture. After I let these cool off I put them in the refrigerator overnight. The next day I sliced them and heated in a skillet.

For a restaurant style presentation Chris suggested cutting it into either burnt end type pieces, or smaller chunks and mixing with sauce and a little butter before heating until crispy. 

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